• Clinical Hypnotherapy

    Clinical Hypnotherapy

    I am a trained and certified clinical hypnotherapist. As such, I offer a unique experience to clients seeking out an alternative therapy experience. Clinical hypnosis is the process of helping the client enter a deeply relaxed state where the therapist gives direct suggestions for positive change.

    Clinical hypnosis is one of the most potent and effective tools available to us to explore the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind remembers every event and reaction held by a person over their lifetime. It also holds the keys to understanding why we are ill or traumatized and how we can heal quickly and effectively. Because hypnosis bypasses the intellect’s defenses and rationalizations, far faster healing can be accomplished than with talk therapy alone.

    I use ego state therapy and inner child work in hypnotherapy to help clients advance toward the desired outcomes for counseling. In clinical hypnosis, the therapist can connect the memories to the emotions and detach the two so that the clients can understand where some of their behaviors are coming from. Clients can then begin to change their reactions and responses to control the emotional triggers attached to some memories. Hypnosis has been used to improve mental health and facilitate personal development. With the combination of clinical hypnosis and talk therapy, the old narrative that one developed early in life can be replaced with new, more positive, and affirming beliefs.

    I strongly believe in the power of the mind and with a bit of guidance, everyone can reach their full potential, overcome fears and limitations we may impose on ourselves. I invite you to reach out for your free initial consultation to see if Clinical Hypnotherapy is right for you.